maandag 23 mei 2011


  (1) I started using google, when I was able to go on the internet
  (2) in my study, google is important, because it links me alot of information
  (3) together with youtube, google means home schooling, and for me personally a lot of random shit
  (4) once in a while, I wished internet had more real life interaction
  (5) all in all, google provides me an opportunity to explore the world on my computer

dinsdag 2 november 2010

Worst page

A great idea, a fun thing to do.
Create a webpage with as theme to make is as worse as you can.
I tought It was a very fun idea to do and had fun making it.
Using HTML-kit and the knowledge I had with HTML I managed to make a page which in my opinion might have been a bit too fun instead of bad.
It was also great seeing what all the other people came up with.
Most people tried to annoy the user as much as possible with a highlight of a page that could only be closed by forcing it to shut down.
A good and fun project I hope things like this will come alot more often.

maandag 11 oktober 2010

The new course

Finally after 6 weeks we've finished our first 3 courses.
Well finished?
There still are a few things to do for these courses.
But the main thing is that we're getting some new courses.
Starting with web technology today.
But becouse Anton isn't here we've got 2 substitute teachers.
Or rather 2 2nd year students of creative technology.
The lessons aren't obligatory but you can go to them if you want a sort of tutorial of HTML or CSS.
So I went, I'm sure that I need some refreshment in the HTML part and I've never even worked with CSS before.
Yeah, could be useful

zondag 3 oktober 2010

The project

For a few weeks now we (Martijn, Albert, Rinze and me) have been working on our project for we create identity.
Our idea is the interactive buspole.
It's like a touchpad display that you can activeren using your OV.
You scan the OV and the display shows you all kinds of social networks that you use.
More about the project can be found through this link :
So far I had fun making the project and I hope it'll end up great.

dinsdag 14 september 2010

2 weeks since

It´s been 2 weeks since my last update.....
So I should probably make a new one now.
Yesterday was an interesting day.
We are focussing on a project we are supposed to make and it has to be done in a few weeks.
So yesterday we got a lesson on a way to create a story.
A 12 step way.
At first it was very confusing cause the steps were more like metaphores.
Luckily our teacher was there to explain what he meant and our group consisting of Martijn, Albert, Rinze and me made a start.
It seemed like total nonsense what we created but is was great to do.
In the break we all realised that we didn't fully knew what it was about but strangely enough there was a story in it.
After a bit of talking we just decided to go for it.
During the presentation we presented our story and........... it went great.
The story came over pretty good.
That day I realized again that even tough things don't allways make sence it does inspire eachother abit and together you can make something enjoyable.

maandag 30 augustus 2010

Dag 1

Let me introduce myself first.
I'm Rob Meester, 18 years old and live in Enschde.
Currently I'm studying at the University Twente.
The study is called Creative Technology.
But enough about me let's begin.

Today was the first day of college and of course I was a bit excited.
As I got in I was just in time to still get a seat as the class was already filled with people.
Then we had an hour and a half where we had to sit watch and listen.
A sort of introduction to Creative Technology.
Also we needed to think about what to say for a 20 second introduction.
Then came a long break followed by the 2nd part of *lessons*.
The part where we had to introduce ourselves.
I didn't really think about what I actually wanted to say tough.
So I took a few minutes tought about it and introduced myself/dream.
The dream of traveling the world and in the end find a restful place.
Lastly I still don't have my laptop and yes it is kind of stressfull to not have one when many others do.
So I hope it'll be here soon.
Now to find a picture to show for tomorrow.
Jay..... :P