maandag 11 oktober 2010

The new course

Finally after 6 weeks we've finished our first 3 courses.
Well finished?
There still are a few things to do for these courses.
But the main thing is that we're getting some new courses.
Starting with web technology today.
But becouse Anton isn't here we've got 2 substitute teachers.
Or rather 2 2nd year students of creative technology.
The lessons aren't obligatory but you can go to them if you want a sort of tutorial of HTML or CSS.
So I went, I'm sure that I need some refreshment in the HTML part and I've never even worked with CSS before.
Yeah, could be useful

zondag 3 oktober 2010

The project

For a few weeks now we (Martijn, Albert, Rinze and me) have been working on our project for we create identity.
Our idea is the interactive buspole.
It's like a touchpad display that you can activeren using your OV.
You scan the OV and the display shows you all kinds of social networks that you use.
More about the project can be found through this link :
So far I had fun making the project and I hope it'll end up great.