dinsdag 14 september 2010

2 weeks since

It´s been 2 weeks since my last update.....
So I should probably make a new one now.
Yesterday was an interesting day.
We are focussing on a project we are supposed to make and it has to be done in a few weeks.
So yesterday we got a lesson on a way to create a story.
A 12 step way.
At first it was very confusing cause the steps were more like metaphores.
Luckily our teacher was there to explain what he meant and our group consisting of Martijn, Albert, Rinze and me made a start.
It seemed like total nonsense what we created but is was great to do.
In the break we all realised that we didn't fully knew what it was about but strangely enough there was a story in it.
After a bit of talking we just decided to go for it.
During the presentation we presented our story and........... it went great.
The story came over pretty good.
That day I realized again that even tough things don't allways make sence it does inspire eachother abit and together you can make something enjoyable.