maandag 30 augustus 2010

Dag 1

Let me introduce myself first.
I'm Rob Meester, 18 years old and live in Enschde.
Currently I'm studying at the University Twente.
The study is called Creative Technology.
But enough about me let's begin.

Today was the first day of college and of course I was a bit excited.
As I got in I was just in time to still get a seat as the class was already filled with people.
Then we had an hour and a half where we had to sit watch and listen.
A sort of introduction to Creative Technology.
Also we needed to think about what to say for a 20 second introduction.
Then came a long break followed by the 2nd part of *lessons*.
The part where we had to introduce ourselves.
I didn't really think about what I actually wanted to say tough.
So I took a few minutes tought about it and introduced myself/dream.
The dream of traveling the world and in the end find a restful place.
Lastly I still don't have my laptop and yes it is kind of stressfull to not have one when many others do.
So I hope it'll be here soon.
Now to find a picture to show for tomorrow.
Jay..... :P